Welcome Baby from the Dog

How often is the dog the first addition to a family and the kids come later?
Well here's a few verse as if from the dog's piont of view.

So, my masters tell me

I’m going to have a brand new chum

One on two legs, not on four

I’ll admit, I’m a little glum.

So, they tell me that you’re fragile,

Noisy, smelly and don’t move

But they also tell me that will change

and soon you’ll get in the groove.

So, please know I love a cuddle,

I’m happy to share my bed,

but I’d prefer not to share my dinner.

It might make me lose my head.

I hope that we will become the best of friends

I guess over time we’ll see.

But for now, little master

Welcome to my family.

It’s ok here it really is

I am loved so very much

I know they love me, cause they hug me

and they’re gentle to the touch.

I get 2 (1) meals of cracking food,

and some exercise each day.

If the timings right, when I ask,

they will sit with me and play.

And when, I’m tired and need to sleep,

I have an amazing bed.

Or, I cuddle up against them,

while they pat and stroke my head.

I’m sure you’ll get the same treatment

Assuming they love you as much as me!

So welcome little hooman

To my loving family!

From the Dog to the new addition to the family

My pack so far comes to three with me

Two stand so very tall

But my pack has increased by one . .

one, so very small.

So welcome little (lad/lass)

To my happy loving pack

I'll do my best to watch over you

and always watch your back.

I don’t think 2 legs grow as fast as 4?

And not in the same way

But when you do grow and get about

I hope we can play?

I do like being thrown a ball

Always happy to play along . .

Just remember though, they are my toys

Now, please don’t get me wrong.

I’m happy to share my things with you

I hope you’ll do the same.

Cause when your plate is at my height

I’m going to think that it’s all game.

Anyhow, I gotta get used to you

And you gotta get used to me.

But welcome to my family little one

It’s a wonderful place to be.

So here you are, little hoo-man

With you I can’t play ball!

You’re far too fragile, smelly and sleepy

And you cannot move at all!

But, if little 2 legs are like little 4

You’ll be mobile pretty quick

And I’ll be able keep an eye on you

And help keep you clean with a lick.

I’ll try not to be too playful

and drag you around by your nappy.

I hope you will like me and pet me

Cause I want to make you happy

I know my big hooman’s love me

I can tell my how they talk and play.

And if they love you as much as they love me

Trust me  . .  you’re gonna be ok!

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