Say it in verse for every occasion and be remembered.

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Hello my name is Kerry, I am happily wed
With a husband and two teenagers, my time is well spent.
I am full time employed but in my spare time
I like to write poems, verses and rhymes.
I've done it for years for friends and relations
and over time have written many creations.
I enjoy expressing myself in this very way
You can more easily express what you want to say
I've expressed friendship and fondness without going red
Been sarcastic, expressed issues, without losing my head.
Not thinking of a website, I went looking for storage
Html and all that, I did not have the knowledge.
It was during this searching, and I still don’t know why
I stumbled across the product Solo Build It.
It ticked all the boxes, it got my attention
The value for money sure worth a mention
So website created, my creations online
All available for free, won’t cost a dime.
An option is here so please contact me
Should what you seek - you cannot see
Send in your requests and I’ll do what I do
To Say It In Verse especially for you.

Sincere apologies to any of my visitors who have contacted me through the previous Contact Me form that was here.

I have had difficulties with accessing my say-it-in-verse emails so going forward please email


Thank you for visiting
I sincerely hope you have found what you're looking for.
If you haven't please do not hesitate to contact me.
Any ideas or requests are more than welcome.


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