Anonymous Verses -(of love)

 Welcome to Anonymous Verses of love.
Find Verses, Rhymes and short poems for those you who want to tell that special someone that they're special, without letting on who they are . . .

I've admired you from a distance

For such a very long time

You don't know how long

I've dreamt of making you mine.

Do I have the courage

to tell you how I feel?

I'm not convinced you feel the same

So for now my lips are sealed!

This Valentines Day

more than ever

I want to be

with you forever.

You're gorgeous

You're so sexy

You're smart and so fine

This Valentine's Day

Won't you be mine?

Can you guess

Who this could be

Who loves you

So very passionately.

Love you once

Love you still

Always have

and always will.

You make my heart go gittery

I can’t concentrate on much

The way you look at me in (English)

Is enough to put me off my lunch.

There’s something about you girl

You make my mind go all hazy

Not too sure what it is

But I fancy you like crazy!

You won't know me from Adam

and yes . . this is pretty lame.

But I will not reveal who I am

and I will not give you my name.

But I've fancied you for ages

I think you are so spec.

And if you are wondering who this is from,

Well I am sorry you'll have to guess!

I wish you a great Valentine's Day

At least you know there's someone who:

Went out of their way to tell you

that they think the world of you.

Just want to say on Valentines Day

You have me in a whirl.

I’d be proud to have you on my arm

and to have you as my Girl.

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