Birthday Verse

Here you'll find a growing list of general Birthday verse. 

Today it is your Birthday

this card is sent to say

Lots of love and very best wishes

on today, your special day.

So what, your another year older!

There's not much left to say,

except your looking mighty good for it.

So go and enjoy your day.

Hip Hip Hooray for Birthdays

Sing of fun and cheer

And may you keep on having them

Year after year after year.

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Whenever it's your birthday

it is such a special time

as thoughts of all the fun we've shared

are always brought to mind.

You're thought of all year

much more than you know.

And now's a good time

for telling you so!

Wow, you're getting OLDER

The years are flying by,

Some Birthday Cards will flatter you,

Others plainly lie.

Some will say you're looking great,

and haven't changed a bit,

But this one's purely honest . .

Happy Bithday, you old GIT.

Because today’s your birthday,

and because you’re extra nice,

I’m not just wishing once - I'm going to wish twice.

Hoping your Birthday’s brilliant

in every single way

And the next year brings happiness

for you day after day after day.

I know your Birthday fills you with dread,

You'd rather let it go over your head

Bury your head, up to your neck in the sand.

Pretend it's not happening, you always demand.

But you know it's not happening, we just can't let it be.

We have to do something, to honour thee.

So, put your gladrags on and take off that frown.

As we're taking you out on the town.

Don't look at it as just one day

one day of birthday fun

It's just the beginning of a year long trip

365 days round the sun.

Today will be remembered

in so many different ways

and this is just the start

of one more year of happy days!

There couldn't be a better time

to take this chance to say,

that you're wished a world of happiness

today and every day.

Wishing you a day to remember with good times that last

And one you will think of long after it's past.

The kind that brings greeting and warmth with each wish

And hoping your Birthday is special like this.

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