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As you take your First Communion,

Remember that God's your friend,

Remember he's always loved you

and that his love will never end.

Take comfort in the knowing

that he is always there.

May you always feel the comfort

of being sheltered by his care.

I/We send a first communion prayer

especially for you today.

The day that Jesus comes into your

life in this very special way.

I/We pray that as you are blessed

and as you repeat your Communion prayer,

That you'll feel his love is with you

and be comforted by his tender care.

May you feel blessed in a very special way

on this your First Holy Communion Day.

As you take your first Communion

I/We send a prayer your way

That you'll be forever blessed

as much as you are today.

I/We asked that you'll be blessed

with a life of love and laughter

and that you'll know real happiness

from today and forever after.

May you have trust in your faith

throughout your whole life through

and may you feel it's guidance

in everything you do.

As you take your first Communion

I/We send a prayer your way

That you'll be forever blessed

as much as you are today.

Today is the beginning

of something bright and new

As you kneel to take the host

We’ll be so proud of you.

The lord’s beside you as you play

In your soul both night and day

For in his care you have been placed

And he’ll guide always

When fears you face

He will help you to be kind

To care for others so peace you’ll find

He will always hear your prayers

Be your friend and ease your cares

As God’s love and blessings are sent your way

Remember this your Communion Day.

As you receive the Bread and Wine

and follow in god’s way

May he bless you and watch over you

Today and every day.

Not mine, this one, but I love it so much I had to include it!
It's an Irish First Communion Blessing.

May you always feel as close to Jesus as you do today,

May you always count on Him to gently guide your way,

May you always trust in God to answer every prayer,

May you always feel Him blessing you with His loving care.

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