Dog Loss Verse

The loss of a pet hurts!
Poems, Verse and Rhyme for the loss of a much loved pet.

In memory of one of the best friends you'll ever know.

R.I.P. Amber 25/5/09 - 7/10/10 
We lost our puppy. . . 
she died suddenly following complications following keyhole surgery only 16 months old!!

It's hard to express just how much we miss her and boy don't we miss her,
I have written some Dog Loss Verse and Rhymes which go some way to express how we feel.

Those who have never had a pet

could not possibly comprehend.

How they give you so much time and devotion

They truly are a special friend.

Even more bizarre . . Verses,rhymes and poems to the Dog.
Say it in verse just what they mean to you.

Thinking of you so often

For the loss of your very best friend

They're a big part of a family

You must feel at such a loose end

With you he/she had a such a happy life

You gave him/her all the best

Our thoughts and love are with you

While you lay your friend to rest

Miss you so much

Love you still.

Always have

and always will.

He/She had gone to a better place

Than he/she has been in for some years

The pain has gone, he/she is at rest

All troubles disappeared.

I hope these words remind you

Of where you all have been

Rejoice in your precious memories

Until your re-united once again.

You gave him/her such a treasured life

You lived for his/her pleasure

You built lots of memories

I know you will learn to treasure

And when the time is right

For you to cross the divide

You will be re-united once again

Man and Dog - Side by side.

We cannot express how much we miss you

Words just can't explain

No one likes to come home anymore

It just doesn't feel the same.

The house feels constantly empty-

Everything is so amiss

Your wonderful welcoming presence

Is just one of the things we'll miss.

You gave us so much joy and fun

You'd make us laugh out loud each day

The way you'd sneak to your favourite spot

How you always got your way.

You'd tell us off if we dared ignore you!

To hurry us up you'd shout and prance

You'd climb all over us if your dinner was late

You'd lead us a song and dance.

You were such a gentle, loving dog

You gave us so much pleasure

However short your time was with us

You gave us beautiful memories to treasure.

Those who have never had a pet

could not possibly comprehend

How they give you so much time and devotion

They truly are a special friend.

Your presence we miss

Your memory we'll treasure

Loving you always

In our hearts forever.

If tears could build a big green field

and memories a lane

I'd come right up to heaven

And we'd have "walkies" home again.

St.Peter in your heavenly land,

Should my most faithful friend you see?

Please open your gates, so this wonderful dog

Can come in and wait for me.

For when it’s my turn soon enough,

to cross the brief divide.

We’ll reunite and be Man and Dog

Once again, side by side.

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