Driving Test Verses

Pass or Fail! Find here some Driving Test verses free for your use.

All thanks to one of my visitors who contacted me requesting these.

You’ve only gone an’ done it

and passed the bloody test!

Now you’re going to want to be

driving North, South, East to West!

Congratulations though are due to you

It’s a feeling like nothing can compare

To be independent and mobile

To be able to get, just anywhere!

Are you certain that they passed you?

Are you absolutely sure?

To be driving unaccompanied

you have to be mature!

It’s not that I am doubting . .  

your ability. Not at all! 

It just feels like only yesterday 

you were driving me up the wall!

It’s a lovely time of growing up

when you pass your test.

That feeling of independence - 

is just the very best!


Never mind, not this time

Maybe it’s for the best?

You know you’re going to want to drive

North to South, East to West!

With a little more experience

and maybe a handle on those nerves.

As they say,  Better luck next time- 

I’m sure you’ll get what you deserve.

There's mixed emotions my darling, "I am so very sorry!"

So glad you've passed your driving test, but now we've all the worry.

Please ensure you drive with eyes wide open and remember all you've learnt.

There comes great responsibility with this license you have earnt.

The independence is brilliant, nothing can compare.

Just promise me my darling, you'll drive with extreme care. 

You passed first time! You did it!

You now have a licence to drive

So if you’re not doing much (Weds) next week

Could you please pick me up around 5? 

Congratulations on passing are due to you

It’s a feeling like nothing can compare

To be independent and mobile

To be able to get, just anywhere!


Failing at anything is never nice.

I’m so feeling it for you.

Maybe with less nerves and more experience

You’ll have success with number 2!

I have to say, "Very well done."

"Wishing you safe motoring and lots of fun."

"The "L" plates are gone now, with pratice you're through.

Congratulations are sent with love, from all of us . .  to you!"

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