Family Christmas Verse

Family Christmas Verse - Christmas Verse, poems and rhymes directed at Mums, Dads, Nans, Grandads, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters and In-Laws.
From Both of Us and To Both of you.
Send love and christmas greetings in Family Christmas Verse.

To a very special Mum

here's a message just for you

to show appreciation

for everything you do.

You have a way of caring

that comes from deep within;

with love and understanding

your there through thick and thin.

so at this festive season,

relax and take a rest.

Have a lovely Christmas, Mum

for you deserve the very best.

With all the love we/I can muster

This message is sent to say

That I/we wish you a Merry Christmas

In my/our very special way

So I/we wish you all the happiness

to last the whole year through

And just to cap it off by saying

(name) I/we do love you.

For the boy you were

The one I held so tight.

To the young man you are today

So clever and bright.

For the precious son

I just adore

Hoping Christmas brings you

everything you dream of and more

Christmas is such a magical time

For families all over the world

But nothing could be more magical

Than sharing it with my special girl.

Christmas brings everyone together.

It's such a magical time of year

A family time and one to share

With those we hold most dear.

Family Christmas Verse - For Both of You

You are both so very special

that for you we oh so wish

A Christmas full of love

laughter and lots of happiness.

and another one

These special Christmas thoughts are sent

with both of you in mind.

So naturally they're of the very

fond and warmest kind.

There'll be such fun and laughter

as the festive season starts

for Christmas has a way

of bringing magic to our hearts

You'll look back on the many things

that happened throughout the year

recalling all those moments

that have bought you so much cheer.

And as a special couple this comes with love to say

that both of you are wished a very Happy Christmas Day

Family Christmas Verse - From Both of Us

The sights and sounds of Christmas

Are around us everywhere

So it's time to send best wishes

To let you know how much we care.

So both us us are wishing you

A Christmas season filled with cheer

with hope it's the beginning

Of a bountiful New Year.

Everyone is working hard

Now Christmas time is near

Each wanting a family Christmas

full of fun and Christmas cheer.

The decorations are going up

All the Christmas cards are up for show

Each one sending Christmas messages

from those we love and know.

So this one is from us to you

to family we adore

A very special brother

and a wonderful Sister in Law.

There are few that have a quality

That's around them all the year

That with little things they say they do

Make happy times appear.

You both have that something special

your talents have no end

You bring happiness and pleasure

To family and to friends.

In my mind you are both wonderful

and I am in no doubt

That you both know the true meaning

Of what christmas is about.

We wish you all you wish yourselves

and as this time of year unfolds

We hope you enjoy the wonderful things

that this time of year holds.

We both lead such busy lives

that absorbs us day by day

That we all so often forget to voice

the little things we ought to say.

Christmas brings so many memories

that I just love to recall.

We've share so many happy times

from when we where so very small.

Just because it's Christmas

I want to make it very clear

You're such a treasured Sister/Brother who is always loved

each day throughout the year.

We hope for you both the year ahead

brings you all you're hoping for

Cause I cannot think of two people/anyone

Who possibly deserve/s it more.

You're such a lovely couple

A very special pair,

it's clear to see the magic

that the two of you do share.

We hope that everything's just right

that those dreams you dream come true

Because we cannot think of anyone else

Who deserves it more than you.

This special card is just for you

Now that Christmas time is here

To Thank You for the lovely things

you do all throughout the year.

The time and help you offer

mean such a lot each day

You always seem to know

Just what to do or say

You're always there to listen

to offer a helping hand.

When things go a little wry

and don't turn out as planned.

So love and seasons greetings

are sent for both of you.

To you both from all of us

to last the whole year through.

This ultra special greeting

Is on it's way to you

To my Nan and Grandad who mean so much

each day the whole year through.

You should know you're always thought of

in such a warm and loving way

and I wish the best and brightest things

for you both on Christmas Day.

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