Family Wedding Verse

Family wedding verse.

Send more than your love and best wishes to your son,daughter,mother-in-law.

 Express your pride to your child, gratitude to your Mother-In-Law etc.

Mother to Son

I've watched you grow

and make your way

and here we are

on you're Wedding Day.

You've made me proud

over all the years.

Today no exception

(hence the tears).

I love you(name)

and (name) your wife.

Wish you both:love,luck, happiness

In your new married life.

Bride to Mother-In-Law

On this very special day

I'm so delighted to have you near

not just today, but always

throughout all the coming years.

You have such a warm and wonderful son

I/We know your always there

So grateful to you and your family

and the love for him we share.

You and I have become so close

over the last few years

You're so very special to me

and we love to have you near.

To your son I know it means alot

the closeness between you and me

I sincerely hope it stays the same

once we are family.

On the day I become family

I hope you can clearly see

How important and how valued

your friendship is to me.

Mother of the Groom to Daughter In Law

I never had a daughter

That is the way life goes

But if i were allowed to pick one

You'd be the one I chose.

I wanted so much to tell you on this day

Just how much you mean to me

and to welcome you offically

Into our (loving/mad/crazy) family.

You've bought so much happiness

into our (name/son's) life

and I know just how proud he'll be

to have you as his wife.

I wish for you both a lifetime

of love and happiness

as two very special people like you

deserve nothing less (or) deserve the very best!

Is this one a bit weird? Not sure, please tell me. I wrote this one for a Bride as if written by her late father . . .

On this day, your wedding day

The best day of your life

The day my beautiful daughter

becomes a lucky man's wife.

I may not be there in person

To walk you down the isle

To hold your hand and calm your nerves

and to see your dazzling smile.

I'm so proud of all you have become

I wish you a lifetime of love and laughter

Not just for today but always

My princesses, Happy ever after.

Please raise your glass and toast with me

To the Groom and to the Bride

May they remain as happy as they are today

Sat there side by side.

Mother to Son

From the babe in arms

I held so tight

Not sleeping

through-out the night

To standing here

A Man, for sure

Everything a Mum

could wish for.

Happy and Healthy

Loving and Caring

Ready and Willing

for a life of sharing.

I'm so proud of you

You've filled my years

During you're vows I'll be smiling

through my happy tears.

Your such a lovely couple

You truly deserve each other.

Work through the tougher times

By loving one another.

With open arms you've welcomed me

You've always been sincere

You've become a warm and wonderful friend

Of that I'm very clear.

So on the day I join your family

I sincerely hope you see

How important you are to us

and how important you are to me.

A situation that won't change

We so wish to have you near

from the first day I met your son

and for all the coming years.

Thank you for the times we've shared

And lots more we'll surely spend

There's lots to come over the years

as family and as friends.

My fiance/husband/groom is such a special man

I am so filled with pride

that of all of them he's chosen me

to be his loving bride.

I am so very lucky

and one thing I know is true

he would not be the man he is

If it were not for you.

So on our day I thank you

For raising such a lovely son

He's grown up lovely into a man

A Mother's job well done.

You actually became a family member

right from the very start.

Not only did you take our son's

you stole away all our hearts!

You truly are a lovely girl

and it's clearly plain to see

just how much you two are in love

and it's really lovely.

So, now the time's to tell you

as you stand as Man and Wife

How blessed we consider ourselves to be

to have you in our life.

This one is not so strange, at least I don't think it is.

On this day your wedding day

The best day of your life

The day my beautiful daughter

Becomes some lucky man's wife.

I just wanted to share with you

Some words that were shared with me

From your Dad before he passed away

as he bounced you on his knee.

He had thoughts about the "boyfriend stage"

They filled him full of dread

He didn't know how he'd handle that

All things going round his head.

But your wedding day was different-

he saw you settled and secure-

all grown up and sorted.

No longer immature.

I know he would have loved this day

To have shared this day with you

He dreamed for you to be happy

After all you have been through

So through me, I send his love

and best wishes for your day.

He'll wish it to be special for you

In every possible way.

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