Football Verse

Football Verse - Football! one of the best excuses to have a laugh, be playful and take the preverbial "P" out of someone who just takes being a footie fan a little too far.
Whether you're a Gooner, Toon, Blue, Trotter, Villian, Yid or a Red many of these verses can be adapted to suit your team and colour.
Find here free football verse.

You really love your footie

watch it, whenever you can.

You'll jump and clap and cheer,

just like the biggest fan.

Whenever you watch your team play

you are such a nervous wreck!

And if they let a goal in . . .

. .you shout . . "Oh deary me, flippin heck!"

Your such fun when you're watching footie

You jump alot in the air

Not such fun though when it goes wrong

As blimey, can you swear!

We know you love your footie.

And we know how much you care.

But when it goes bad.

Remember you're just a young lad

And do your best not to swear.

You really love your footie.

Every weekend sees you play.

You go out there and give everything,

from August through till May.

You dream of being a superstar,

Maybe even get an international cap.

But you could never be a superstar

Coz unfortunately your crap! . . .

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Here I have written a football verse, were you see (footie) you could either leave it as is or change it to the relevant team.

Calling you a (footie) fan

Is a description severely lacking

If you were compared to a normal fan

You'd send them all a packing.

All the (footie) merchandise

You have already got

Hat, Coat, Slippers, Pants -

You've already got the lot!

Just before the game comes on

There's apprehension in the air

And while your team are playing

The place could go up . . . you wouldn't care.

Your language is quite colourful

directly mainly at the Ref.

and if god forbid your team should lose

You are clearly so bereft.

You really are a (Gunner)

A statement so very true.

If you were a stick of rock

(Arsenal) would run right through.

From here on you'll find 4 line Football verse, each of them following the same pattern as the verse above. You can add them on if you wish and if they apply!

We know (red) is your favourite colour

But don't you think you've gone a bit far

By asking the missus to coordinate

Is really quite bizarre!

You always have the latest kit

Which you wear for everything

I'm sure if you'd get away with it

You'd wear it to your Wedding! (to a Wedding)

Your smartphone and your laptop

Has all the new screensavers

You have all the apps required

To keep track on all the transfers.

Whenever there's a game on

We know just where you are

On a stool, tucked in the corner

Of your loyal local bar.

You've even decked the kids out

From birth with all the gear

They have to be (footie) fans

You've made that very clear.

Your missus is a football widow

Any other plans you'd disregard

But while your screaming at the box

She goes shopping on your card!

I'm not surprised you have no Girlfriend

As (footie) takes up all your leisure

You need to find yourself a lady fan

So (footie) is both your greatest pleasure.

You're the biggest (footie) fan I know

To (footie) you are true

And if you were to cut yourself

I'm sure your blood runs blue!

You're the biggest (footie) fan I know

To (footie) you are true.

And just like a stick of rock

I beleive you have (footie) running through.

Your car is completely (footballed) up

with dice and stickers galore.

There is certainly no disguising

What colour you cheer for.

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