From the Dog verse . . . .

From the Dog Verses

If only Dogs could speak! I am sure we're not the only one's who do this?
Our yellow lab bitch is our baby girl!
We adore her and we talk silly to her. We often find ourselves saying things for her as if she would speak. I don't think we are the only slightly mad pair on the planet so I intend to grow a page . . .
From the Dog . . Hope you like it?
(Most of the verses on this page would convert easily to a Mother's Day verse . . . from the Dog.)

If only I could say the words

These are the words you'd hear

I love you so very much

It's you I hold so dear

You feed me and you walk me

When I ask you throw the ball

The way you rub my tummy

And how you say my name when you call

I try to behave my best for you

I don't want to be a disgrace

And although I can't express how I feel

I hope you see it in my face.

Dog Bone

Happy Birthday (owner)

Hope you have a lovely day

If my woof's could be translated

This is what they'd say

I know you love me very much

I couldn't be in a better place

I cannot say the words to you

But I hope you see it in my face.

I weally weally wuff you

I weally weally do.

When I say I wuff you

It's weally, weally true

I'm filled with admirwation

for all the things you do.

I so tweasure our welationship

cause I'm so in wuff with you.

You may think that you picked me

From the litter you came to view.

But it was completely the other way round

It was I, who in fact, picked you!

There was just something about you

That really appealed to me

From your face, I could just tell

That you'd love and look after me.

So I threw myself all over you

Would not let you be -

Wagged my tail and gave you puppy dog eyes

So you'd fall in love with me.

But no matter how I got here

When all is said and done

I so very happy to be here

And so glad that your my MUM!


No matter how I got here.

I really am so very glad

To be loved and looked after by you

So happy that you're my DAD!


No matter how I got here.

If you were to ask me..

I know you love me and I love you.

You're MY family!

You feed me and you walk me

Throw the ball for me time after time

You give me loads of cuddles

and keep me free of grime

If my woofs could be translated

This is what they'd say

Happy Birthday (Valentines) Daddy/Mummy

I wish you a lovely day.

Dog Bone

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The Dog's Prayer

A master who is firm and kind

And understands a Doggie's mind

A couple of meals and walkies wach day

Is all I ask for when I pray . . .

I'm the next best thing

you could have to a wife.

Immensely loyal, obedient,

a companion for life.

I'm always here for you

when your day has ended

always only wearing just

what nature has intended.

And when the day is over

as we sit down and retire

I'll cuddle up with you

Round a cozy log fire.

I'm a very good girl

who dearly loves to play

and I would eat out of-

your hand anytime you say.

There's many things I cannot do

That your wife would,

but doesn't mean I wouldn't

If only I could.

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This one is not written by me, but such a beautiful verse

I explained it to St. Peter, I'd rather stay here,

Outside the pearly gate.

I won't be a nuisance, I won't even bark,

I'll be very patient and wait.

I'll be here, chewing on a celestial bone,

No matter how long you may be.

I'd miss you so much, if I went in alone.

It wouldn't be heaven for me.

Unknown Poet

From the Dog to the new addition to the family

My pack so far comes to three with me

Two stand so very tall

But my pack has increased by one . .

one, so very small.

So welcome little (lad/lass)

To my happy loving pack

I'll do my best to watch over you

and always watch your back.

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