Get Well Soon Golfer

Verse sending Get Well Soon wishes for an avid Golfer.

We've heard that you are feeling rough

A little under pra

So this verse is to let you know

We're all thinking of you, Yes we are!


We hope to see you on the 1st real soon

As weekend golf is definately your thing

We trust you'll be getting better each day

and soon be back to full swing!


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It has to fairly serious,

For you not to play.

Usually your off sick all week

and recover to play Saturday!

We understand you are feeling rough

A little green and under par.

Get a grip man, get back to scratch

Cause we're missing you in the bar!

We heard you're feeling under par

Feeling more than a little rough 

You've missed a couple of matches now

Which we feel is quite enough.

So fight to get out of the bunker you're in

Don't take a drop take a shot

And soon you will be back on course

Giving it all you've got.

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