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Kiddie Invitations

Kiddie Invitations in Verse for Birthdays, Themed Parties etc. Circus, Fairies, Dinosaur, Pirate, Superhero etc. check them out here, party invitation in verse.

You won't believe it either

But (name) is turning two

So we having a Birthday Party

And we're inviting you.

A teddy bear picnic

Is what (name) has asked for

There'll be lots of food and games

and lots of fun in store.

I'm being allowed a sleepover

Please come and spend the night

We'll have lots of fun and goodies

and maybe a massive pillow fight


We at the Crime Fighting HQ

Have a Birthday Invitation just for you

It is a TOP SECRET affair

Held in our very own private liar

We're summoning Superhero's from near and far

Those with special skills, you know who you are!

It's on (day) the (date) of (month), don't be late

Training starts prompt at (time), don't be late.

Expect some hard work, you'll be there for (three) hours.

Make sure you wear your suit of superpower.

It's very hard work keeping villians away

And each of you do it in your own special way.

p.s. The top secret private lair can be accessed through (address/place)


Once upon a party

The bestest party in town

All the prettiest Princesses get together

All wearing Princess gowns.

The party fairy is coming

To make a party of fun and laughter.

You'll have a special tea party

It'll make a Happy Ever After.

It's for (name) for her (age) Birthday

It's going to be quite grand

Please say you'll come and join us

In our magical wonderland.

p.s. Magical Wonderland can be accessed through (address/place)
only on (day/date/month) and only at (time).


Somewhere over the rainbow

In an enchanted fairy garden of flowers

A special and magical gathering awaits

For a birthday girl who believes in Pixie Powers

(Name)is inviting all the good fairies

As only believers can arrive

For an enchanting fairy gathering

of sugar plum dancing and more besides.

Only on (day) the (date/month)

At (time) the fairy dust will be at hand.

To make the bestest fairy birthday party

For the bestest fairies in the land.

p.s. Enchanted fairy land can be accessed through (place/address)


This invite comes with a warning- and a dangerous one at that!

We’re taking you back to prehistoric times

What do you think about that?

Name) is having a party

A Megasauras one to marvel

With help of a little magic

We’re going to try time travel.

So please come to (name) (age) party

For some Jurassic fun and laughter

At the bestest Dinosaur party

We’ll bring you home safely after

p.s. The time travel portal will be activated at (time) on (date/day/month) and will be located at (address/place)


Avast there me Hearties

A Birthday Party me is havin’

Invited meself some Bucaneers

For some fun and for some laffin’

We is havin’ a high seas adventure

A Treasure Island we are bound

Tis’ a dangerous venture

and there’s lots a’ Booty to be found

So pull on ya breeches and please say yer’ll be there

To the best Pirate Party under the sun

We set sail at (time) on the (date/month)

Join me in some Pirate fun.

p.s. The Good Ship be sailing from (address/place)

Ship’s ahoy me hearties

We’re off to find some treasure

Join us for some swashbucklin’ fun

and a good ol’ Pirate adventure.

We are on the high seas for a treasure hunt

for booty, gems n’ jewels galore.

Come and be a Bucaneer

Before we come back to shore.

p.s. The Good Ship sails on (date) from (address/place)


We're planning a wild party

It'll be a wild expedition

We're going on Safari

Come, if you can get permission?

We need some daring explorers

With passports up to date

So put on your Khaki's and Pith Helmet

Please join me, it'll be great.

p.s. Safari bus leaves promptly at (time) from (address/place)


Roll up, roll up Ladies and Gentlemen

To the greatest show in town.

They'll be trampolines and strong men

and the funny circus clown.

It'll be a great (age/th) Birthday Party

Fancy dress is what to wear

Please say you'll come and join me

I do hope you'll be there.

The Big Top is located at (place/address). Special show starts at (time).

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