New Baby

Celebrating a new arrival?

Find here verse to congratulate the parents of a new addition or additions! Always the news of a new baby is special news, each one a little miracle. Send a verse to accompany your card or gift.

Verse here include 1st Baby, Twins, 2nd Baby,
One of each (How clever!) and How many? ;-)

Warm welcome to your new addition

I'm sure (name) will bring you cheer.

As well as a hole in your bank balance,

Year after year after year.

Congratulations to you both

As you increase from two to three

The addition of your little one(name)

Upgrades you from couple to a family.

Not just a New Baby . .  what about babies?

Many congratulations to you both,

as you upgrade from two to four.

Cleverly you managed one of each.

What more could you ask more?

Twice as many clothes.

Twice as many fingers and toes.

Twice as many lives to start.

Twice the love inside your heart.

So. you're here looking to congratulate the new parents,

but do you also know the new Grandparents?

Click here for Grandparents verse and send some love and congrats to them too!

More New Baby verses . . 

A family you are now,

instead of just a couple.

Hope he/she (name) is a bundle of joy

and not a bundle of trouble.

Life is filled with lots of things

that make it all worthwhile.

But none is better than the love found

in your baby's smile.

A gorgeous baby boy/girl

Especially for you

A sweet little miracle

All brand new!

May your beautiful arrival

so tiny and so new

bring a lifetime of pleasure

and happiness to you.

New Baby Boy/Girl

A baby boy is very special

from the first moment he arrives.

He'll be at the centre of your hearts

and completely rearrange your lives.

You will rock him on your shoulder

and you'll kiss his sleepy head.

You'll tiptoe up to his room

to watch him sleeping in his bed.

You will be filled with wonder

as you hold your precious boy -

How can one small tiny baby

bring you both such love and joy.

Congrats to you both on the birth of your son/daughter

Your very special bundle of fun.

May your beautiful arrival

so tiny and so new

bring a lifetime of pleasure

and happiness to you.

Congrats to you both on the birth of your boy

May he bring you many years of joy.

A baby boy's a promise

Of happy things to come-

Building blocks, a rocking horse

A football and a drum.

There'll be lots of noise and action

You'll be so full of pride.

A busy, loving, fun filled home.

With lots of joy inside.

A baby girl's a promise

Of sweet loving thing to come-

Pretty dresses, briaded hair

Copying her mum.

Of course there's noise and drama.

But, you'll be so full of pride.

A busy, loving fun filled home.

With lots of joy inside.

What! another New Baby . . . ?

You clever you two are

One of each is no mean feat!

You now have everything you could wish for

Your family is complete!

Congrats and best wishes to you all

On your perfect new addition

And tell him to take a run and jump

Not your (husband/partner/) your paediatrician!

Cause you made it clear that this is it-

It’s time to admit defeat

One of each is perfect.

Your family is complete!

Congratulations to you both

On your latest new arrival

I/We have no manual to offer you both

for your sanity and survival!

But with the safe arrival of number (4)

We come to a conclusion

You must have lost your sanity some time ago

or else it’s plain and simply, Confusion!

Congrats on the safe arrival

Of (name’s) new sibling.

Make the most of this lovely time

Cause in a few year’s they’ll be quibbling!

Congrats to you now you’re a DAD

Step up and do your quota.

As there’s no better relationship

than that of father and his daughter.

If you haven’t yet found the cause

I can tell you what not to do

The way you’re both going

You’ll create a football team, or two

Congratulations though on the latest addition

Number (4) is no mean feat

While there be a Number (5)

or will you admit defeat?

Are you trying to show us all up

with your ever growing brood?

Or can simply not say NO

Whenever he’s in the mood?

Either way you put us all the shame

The wonderful loving family that you are.

But you realise if you carry on

You’ll need a Mini-bus, not a car!

Not sure if you’re both all there?

Must think about having you both assessed.

They way your producing babies

you’re like two devils possessed!

But much love and congrats to you all

On your perfect new addition.

And if you want to be assessed

Just give me your permission.

Much love and best wishes are sent to you all

Can you hear our round of applause?

Number (4), Are you crazy?

Haven’t you found out yet? The cause!

From three to four with relative ease?

I bet little (name) is very pleased

He/She now has a younger sibling

Enjoy the peace while you can, coz soon they’ll be quibbling.

Sorry, don’t mean to point out the negatives

My advice is, Be nice to your lovely friends and relatives.

Cause when the time comes and you’re in disarray

They’ll take your darlings out from under your feet for a day.

I include myself in that list for your sanity plea

As long as I can bring them back tired and ready for tea.

Seriously though, our Congratulations are sent

wrapped in love and best wishes, sincerely meant.

You’re proven lovely parents and a very special pair

and anytime you need us, you know we’ll be there.

Normally when you get something new

It comes with a manual or two

In many languages so you can learn

What to do, without concern.

With babies though it’s not so clear

There’s no instruction manual to be found here

It’s a tricky time, one of quick learning

At times very disconcerting.

But you learn quick, you have no choice

Babies always find a voice!

You’ll find methods that you’ll keep

Anything to help get you some sleep

It’s never easy the early days

Working things out, finding ways

Trust me though, things do improve

Once you’ve got into the groove

Believe me also when I say

You’ll learn new things each and every day.

It’s a testing time that does not last long

And all too soon, it’s gone!

So despite the hard times make memories that last

Cause all too soon it’s in the past. 

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