New Dog Verse

As a dog lover myself, hearing news of anyone bringing a new dog to their family just makes be smile. I cannot begin to express just how much pleasure that our Labrador brings to us.
Here you can find new dog verses to welcome to the latest and probably the most lovable member of the family.

You’ve opened your heart

And you’ve welcomed him/her in

Your lovely home is gone

Take it on the chin!

He’ll/She’ll create such dust

He’ll/She’ll lose his/her hair

He’ll/She’ll slobber and dribble


Some may chew

the strangest of things

Beware of the vets bills

that habit can bring.

He’ll/She’ll need his/her exercise

A twice daily chore.

When he’s/she’s eaten his/her dinner

He’ll/She’ll be looking for more.

But the relationship grows

as you each make your way

and he’ll/she’ll love you and trust you

more with each day.

Once they’re trained and their settled

And you’ve gone through the worst

You will love him/her so much

Your heart could burst.

A Dog brings a family

Love, Laughter and Fun.

A whole new family chapter

for you has just begun.

The love of a Dog.

There is nothing better.

Whether a Labrador, a Dachshund

A Spaniel or a Setter.

They each bring their magic

Right from the start

And before you know it

They’ve captured your heart.

They win you over

with their eagerness to please

as training commences

in various degrees.

The love of a Dog

Is special indeed

Whatever the mix

Whatever the breed

So, congrats to you all

On your new family member

Trust me they bring something

You will ALWAYS remember.

A New Dog, how lovely!

Have you given him/her a name?

One things for sure, your family life

will never be the same. Check your Home Insurance.

Make sure that your are set.

For a whole new family experience.

You never will forget.

Crate, Food, Toys, Collar and Lead.

All these things a new dog needs.

Love, patience, training and taming.

And a Home Insurance form for claiming

The house will suffer, but do you care?

Nose prints on the windows and hair everywhere.

You have yourselves a new dog/puppy, it’s not all doom and gloom

You’ll just have to find more time for the hoover and broom.

Will I be worthy of my dog?

Is a question I’d like to ask.

For I know that he will love me

and try to obey every ask.

He’ll never ever let me down

He’ll be there come what may

A wonderful, committed, faithful friend

Who will never stray.

So I just pray that I can be

The friend to him I should

And hope that if in some small way I let him down,

That it is understood.

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