New Year Verse

Send alternative and different New Year messages to your friends and relations in verse of course.

A clean slate, is how it feels

When New Year comes, new dreams revealed.

Whatever you desire , to make life better

Make it happen, be a go-getter!

If you do it this year, then come the next

You’ll have room for new targets to set

Within a few years you’ll be able to profess

You’ve made those changes, you’ve made progress.

A clean slate, a chance to change

Dreams and wishes re-arranged

A new job, maybe, is what’s required

Or this year you‘ll become retired!

Give up smoking, drink a bit less

Loose some weight, less excess.

Dancing classes, join a Gym

Have some fun, while getting trim.

Maybe your desires are a little more drastic

Whatever you desire, be enthusiastic.

I hope that this year is your best yet

And whatever you wish for, you go out and get.

Can I send you a New Years wish,

As you write your resolutions list?

For you to have the best one yet.

And what you want, you get?

Not so much the New Year In

But for the Old Year going out

Look back and bank the good times

That’s what memories are all about.

Let the year go with no regrets

But keep the lessons learnt along the way

Enter the New Year with an open mind

Seize all opportunities, come what may

There’s something about the New Year

That gets the grey matter going

Is it the fact that you’ve travelled this one

And in the next you’re not sure where you’re going !

Here's hoping that 2012

Is wonderful all year through.

May all your hopes and aspirations,

All come true for you.

A New Year Party Invitation

The New Year is upon us

We’re having a New Year do

The thing that’ll make a difference

Is pure and simply you!

We really want you to make it

It will be great having you so near

Especially when ol’ Big Ben strikes-

and we welcome in the New Year.

Bring yourselves a bottle

Of whatever is your thing

We will provide the rest

To help make the party swing.

So please do say you’ll come

With a quick R.S.V.P.

A quick text or phone call to let us know

Will make us very happy.

A New Year Love Poem

I so love every New Year

Each one I share with you

We both have the same resolution

To love each other true.

Our goals are to be happy

and to treat each other well

And I think that, My darling

In that aim, we do excel.

You know it’s you I think the world of

You mean everything to me

Each day ahead, I see with you

Means so much to me.


We are so very lucky

In so very many ways

To be blessed with our lovely children

Who delight and amaze.

So as we cuddle up together

And as the midnight chimes

Please know that my New Year spent with you

Is a most valued and precious time.

They say, “ What doesn’t kill you

makes you stronger!” Is that so?

It must be true, cause after all you’ve been through

You’d have been six foot under long ago!

You’ve all had such an awful year

I know that it couldn’t have got much worse!

So we send you all our luck and best wishes

for the New Year, wrapped in this verse.


We hope it brings some warmer weather -

with plenty of blue skies

coupled with a warm and gentle wind

to put laughter back in your eyes.

The year you’ve had has not been good

An understatement, this is true!

But we really miss your cheerful face

and simply you just being . . . YOU!

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