No More Christmas Cards Verses

OK, so here was my request . . on the No More Christmas Cards Verses

"We are looking for a nice poem or verse to put in with our Christmas cards we're sending this year to say next year we wont be sending any as we will give the money to cancer research instead. PLEASE HELP!"

so as I do when I get requests, I write some and sent them back.  

and this was my reply . . .

"Hello Kerry. Thank you very very much for the verses you sent me. I think they are all great. Just 1 problem.....they are all that good i dont know which 1 to use!!! Keep up the good work. I think what you write is great. Once again thank you very much." 

Just a little note

In keeping with the trend

I’m/We’re not sending Christmas cards

Not going to pretend

Really cannot be bothered

Just a waste of time

All that writing and money spent

Feels like such a crime.

Then to make myself feel better

I’ll make a charitable donation

And post it out on social media

For my own self-promotion.

From our house to yours we send a card
Sending Seasons Greetings to those we hold dear
and to deliver a message- please don’t be offended
But we’re not sending cards next year.
See the cost of cards and the postage
for something that'll go in the trash.
We hope you'll support us when we say –
that a charity will instead get the cash.

We know Christmas cards are lovely
We know that they raise a smile
But with your support and understanding
We'd like to give the money to a cause worthwhile.

We hope this request does not offend
We hope it's understood
But we won't be sending Christmas cards next year
Instead we'll put the money to something good.
There's so many good causes out there
That struggle to raise enough cash.
Let’s face it Christmas cards if they’re lucky are recycled-
the rest end up in the trash!

Christmas cards are a tradition
that span back many years -
Sent full of Christmas warmth and love
to those we hold most dear.
But tradition is not our strong point
and we would like to say -
That this is our last year for sending cards
as they only get thrown away.
Instead of buying cards and stamps
and for your clarity -
We will make a cash donation instead
to a worthwhile charity.

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