Romantic Wedding Verse

Bride to Groom - Groom to Bride

Wedding verse to send each other.

Love bought us together

as Husband and Wife

and this love gave us each

A best friend for life.

A jokey poem from the Bride to her Groom.

Should I make apologies for this one? Not sure.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You’ve made me a very happy lady

I love you so, my Husband dear

But I need to air some concerns

I need to get some things clear

When you’ve eaten and your tummy’s full

Your done with your glass or plate

Please don’t walk away and leave it

Don’t let this be your first mistake.

Please take them to the kitchen,

to the nice dish washing machine.

Don’t leave them on the sideboard,

put them in, then they’ll get clean!

And when you finished on the loo

Toilet Paper, same does apply

Don’t leave an empty cardboard roll

Replace it, from the supply!

To ensure no permanent effects

There’s therapy if required

Regarding the T.V. remote

Ability to share is most desired.

You need to tell the difference

between the laundry basket and the floor

I have plenty of patience for this one

We’ll role play, till you scream NO MORE!

And when I’m in the drivers seat

Please don’t tut and roll your eyes

DO NOT comment on my parking

Don’t be like the other guys

When you used the last of something

Action this without delay

Don’t put it back in the cupboard or fridge

Throw the bloody thing away.

The list is not exhaustive,

Please take heed and don’t look glum.

I’ve taken a Husband, not a master.

I am your Wife! I’m not your Mum!

With this ring I promise to wed

Never truer words are said

For all you are

And all you do

I will stay forever true

You complete me in every way

And keep me happy every day

For all that has happened

And all that may

Believe in me and never stray

We’ll have our good times

We’ll have our bad

But despite everything we’ll always be glad

That we found each other

and completed our life

And soon we will be Husband and Wife.

Wedding verse

A jokey chauvanistic poem from the Groom to his Bride.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I haven’t stolen anything

I haven’t committed a crime

But I’m getting a life sentence here

yet I’m willing to do the time!

The food is very acceptable,

A Mitchelin star not yet awarded.

The service is not too bad-

When I'm good and being rewarded.

Where I’m going, I’ll be happy

I will not run a mock.

Count me in for lots of exercise

I hear it’s lights out by 10 o’clock!

My room mate I can live with

I COULD be shackled to you for life

You smell good and your pretty

My new and deserving Wife.

I’m not completely chauvinistic

I will respect you dear

Just keep our hands off the remote control

and fetch me another Beer!

Wedding verse

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