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Saucy Verses

I so hope these saucy verses do not offend. They are intended to be a little saucy and just a little suggestive.

You to me are everything.

Your are my hearts desire.

When you take me to the bedroom

you totally set me on FIRE!

The way you give me

that come to bed gaze.

The way you touch me.

You set me ablaze.

You’ve always had it.

That wonderful touch.

And I just want to tell you

I still love you so much.

I want to be a saucy devil.

I want to try out something new.

But not with just anyone.

It has to be with YOU!

On this Valentine day

I want to feed you right.

A candlelit three course meal-

Is your culinary delight.

But the third course is a mystery

and entirely down to you.

Would you like some whipped cream with that

and is it only one portion or two?

It’s easy for me to say the words

Just how much I love you.

But I want to do more than that.

I actually want to show you.

I want you to be skirming

with delight and with desire.

I want you send you mad for me

I want to set you on fire.

If the rest applies - and if you like it . .

So, this weekend, the kids are out.

Let your imagination run free.

They will be no interruptions.

It’s time for just you and me.

You are such a sexy person

I want to take you home.

There's so much I'd like to do to you.

If we were on our own..

I'd kiss you all over

run my fingers through your hair

And using nothing but my teeth...

tear off your underwear

I really want to kiss you

put a smacker on your lips.

Stroke your beautiful body

from your shoulders to your hips.

I want to nibble your ears

and run my fingers through your hair

But what I'd really love to do . .

. . is play with your lovely pair!

You make my heart go pitter pat,

my knees go wobbly too . .

I always feel very horny

Whenever I'm with you.

I've never felt this way before

I'm floating on cloud nine.

Can't wait to get you on your own

My darling Valentine!

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