Teacher - Thank You

Say Thank You to your teacher. Do you think teachers get much in way of praise and appreciation?
I don't!
Do you have a favourite teacher? Are you leaving Primary School going off to Secondary School? Are you leaving Secondary School are going off to Uni or College?
Show your appreciation, good teachers are rare and very special and the memories of them or the effect they have on your life can last a lifetime.

You are so bloody amazing

I cannot THANK YOU enough

You have worked wonders on my little man/gal

And I know it can be tough.

Your patience and understanding

Hasn’t fallen on deaf ears

You been the best thing that’s happened to him/her

In very many years!!

I cannot get over the change in him/her

And I owe it all to you

As a teacher of my (son/daughter)

From their mother/father/parents THANK YOU!

I may not have been the easiest of children

For you to have had in class.

But you've managed me well and I appreciate

I've been a right pain in the a***!

Yet you've always managed to believe in me

and you've helped me find my way.

So a very big Thank You for your patience.

This note is sent to say.

So I am going off to Secondary School

and I have to leave this place.

I've got to say I've enjoyed it

and you (Mr/Miss name) have been Ace.

Thank you for your patience

in teaching me as I grow.

I've loved you being my teacher

And I wanted you to know.

You've always believed in me

You have helped to steer me the right way.

So a BIG THANK YOU for all you've done-

This note is sent to say.

Thank you just does not cut it

In the terms of what you’ve done

Your amazing patience and understanding

Has worked wonders on my son.

You are absolutely in the correct profession

At least in my mind eye

For the wonders you’ve worked with my son/daughter

You overqualify!

It’s not just me who thinks your amazing

My son/daughter does to

For everything you are to him/her


For him/her to adore you as much as I do

Just shows how special you are

You’ve done wonders on his confidence

You’re a teaching superstar!

I've really enjoyed having you

as my teacher all these years.

So this little note from me to you

Is really to say, Cheers!

You have been rather wonderful.

It's here I must confess.

You've known just how to talk to me-

and help me achieve my best.

Being a teacher sometimes maybe a thankless task-

There's not much in the way of praising.

So I take this opportunity to say, "Thank You -

I think you are amazing!"

Thank you just does not cut it

For my daughter you’ve been amazing.

Your absolute patience and understanding

Is so in need of praising.

I've had a great school life

and it's largely down to you.

So now's the opportunity for me


You've put up with me throughout the years

and you've had to pull me in line.

But through a lot of your efforts

You have helped me shine.

So before I go and you breathe with relief -

I just wanted to write and say,

"Thank you so much for all you've done

and in teaching me your way."

This one is meant for you

as I think that you are great.

I've enjoyed the time I've had with you

In gold, you're worth your weight.

So before I leave this place/school

I just wanted a chance to say -

"Thank you so much for all you've done

in teaching me your way."

The simple fact that (English)

Is a subject I have sailed through-

Is purely down to the fact-

that it was taught by YOU!

I know that teaching me

Has at times been fraught!

I wasn't always well behaved.

But I was always well taught!

Thank you for your lessons

and the time you've spent with me.

I will remember you with positive thoughts

That I can guarantee!

You do teaching better than others

You have it down to a fine art.

(Mr/Miss Jones) you teach (english)

Straight from your very heart.

Leave Thank You Teacher verses and head home!

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