First Love - Valentine Verses

Verses of love suitable for First Love.

Many suitable for Girlfriend Birthday Verses.

More innocent and less committed than some!
Free for your personal use.

I think we're really good together

and it seems no matter what we do

I love each and every moment

that I get to spend with you.

We're never lost for conversation

we laugh, we joke, we care -

You really are a lovely Girlfriend

who brings such fun to all we share.

Your pretty and your clever

Your intelligent in every way

You have a cute and sparkly smile

That I admire every day

I love you way you talk

with your mates you have that giggle

I love your very seductive walk

and that lovely spellbinding wiggle.

This Valentines Day

I want to be bad!

I want to snog your face off

and kiss you like mad.

You make my heart go gittery

I can’t concentrate on much

The way you look at me in (English)

Is enough to put me off my lunch.

There’s something about you girl

You make my mind go all hazy

Not too sure what it is

But I fancy you like crazy!

Just want to say on Valentines Day

You have me in a whirl.

I’d be proud to have you on my arm

and to have you as my Girl

I have this feeling inside me

That I really can't describe

But I know I need to set these feelings free

As they're hurting me inside.

No corny jokes, no mushy stuff or goo

Just lots and lots of love because -

My heart belongs to you.

I weally weally wuff you

I weally weally do

When I say, "Your wonderful"

It's weally, weally true

I'm filled with admirwation

for all the things you do.

I so tweasure our welationship

cause I'm so in wuff with you.

All the things we do together

at different times of day.

For everything you do for me

and every nice thing you say.

For all the smiles that we have shared

and all the laughter too.

I want to say, Happy Valentines Day

My heart belongs to you.

I love the way you smile.

I love your gentle touch

and I also love your kisses

so very very much.

You will make me very happy

If you will be my valentine

As you fill my heart with joy and love

and my life with bright sunshine.

I love you for your patience

and for your honesty.

But most of all I love you

for the way that you love me.

I am far too shy to say it

So I've written it down instead

I like you very much indeed

I can't get you out of my head.

I've written my thoughts on paper

and they're really very true.

I cannot get you out of my head

Because I really fancy you.

You make my heart go pitter pat

my knees go wobbly too. .

I'm fit to burst with happiness

whenever I'm with you. .

I've never felt this way before

I'm floating on cloud nine

You mean so very much to be

my special Valentine!

A special Valentine message

that comes from someone who . .

thinks there's no-one in the world

as wonderful as you.

This isn't just a card

It's much nicer then the norm

It's a kiss delivery system

Sent it paper form.

This isn't just a card

It is much much more exciting

It's a cuddle in an envelope

A hug put down in writing

You are my wish come true

You are my every dream

I've been grinning since the day we met-

Like a cat who's got the cream. 

Leave all this mushy stuff and head back to my homepage.

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