Wedding Verses - request for cash

Things have changed, you no longer get married then leave home, more often these days newly married couples have lived together first. They have a house and have all the neccesities required to make it a home. Are you getting married? Would you love your wedding gift to be cash for help toward your honeymoon or home improvements? Are you looking for ideas to politely convey that message to your guests? I hope you find what your looking for here.

This is not at all traditional

Not the way it's normally done

But instead of towels and toasters

We would love a bit of sun.

So if you'd like to give a gift

To help us celebrate

Some pennies towards our honeymoon

We would really appreciate.

Wedding verse

Here's our wedding invitation

Minus the traditional wedding list

We've included everything else you need

but no details for a gift.

Our request is quite unusual

We hope you don't mind when we say,

"We're not asking for presents-

but for something else today."

Please don't think us rude or selfish

Or filled with ugly greed.

You know we've lived together a while,

so there's not much we need.

Any help would be appreciated,

If you would give a little money

to allow us to have a honeymoon

In a land that's hot and sunny. x

Wedding verse

If you were thinking of giving a gift -

to help us on our way.

A gift of cash toward our house -

would really make our day.

Wedding verse

We have the household basics, a kettle, mixer and toaster

Sheets, towels, dinner mats with the matching coasters.

So rather than give something that we've already got

Please consider giving us money for our saving pot.

It's cheeky we know, but it would be so great

To help us do some home improvements at a later date.

Wedding verse

This is tricky to put in words

But we'll give it our best shot

At the start of our married life

We'd love to go somewhere hot

We have a home and all it needs

To get on day by day

But a monetary gift would be appreciated

To help us on our way.

Wedding verse

They have their sheets and towels for two

They have plates and cups and coasters too

So what do you get for the Bride and Groom

Whose home is set up in every room?

Some of their more expensive items have seen better days

"On their last legs," is a popular cliche.

We know it's not traditional, an unusual request

Rather than give presents, please give money instead.

So only if your happy and if it's not too much trouble.

Please give a monetary gift to the newly married couple.

We've not compiled a wedding list,

for reasons we'll explain.

It's to save you all the hassle

As shopping is a pain.

We'd thought we'd ask you all

For something else instead

A small contribution towards

A holiday in the Med.

So if you'd like to contribute

Towards our honeymoon

We offer our heartfelt, "Thanks!"

With love, the Bride and Groom.

Wedding verse

As we already have a house together.

We have all the little things that make life better,

We have a kettle, a toaster and microwave,

But we would love a honeymoon for which we need to save.

So, if you would like to give us a gift.

A contribution towards this would give us a lift.

Please don't be offended by this type of request.

As our day is complete just by having you as our guests!

Wedding verse

Our home is quite complete now, we've been together long,

so please consider our request and do not take us wrong.

A delicate request it is, we hope you’ll understand

Maybe you can consider this to give our married life a helping hand.

So on this special day of ours, the day that we'll be wed.

Don't hunt and shop for special gifts but consider money in it's stead.

However if you would prefer to give a gift this special day

A small wedding list there is to view to guide you on your way

The details for which is attached, for you to peruse at your leisure.

But please be rest assured, Your attendance is our greatest pleasure.

Cos’ remembering you there with us, will be our memories to treasure.

Wedding verse

"We've been together a few years now;

we have pots and pans and linen and towels;

we have glasses and toasters, really quite a few;

so instead of more gifts, we suggest this to you;

if it doesn't offend and it won't send you running;

what we would really appreciate is quite simply money;

we know choosing gifts can be such a pain;

and this way there is no chance of bringing the same."

If shopping for a gift, please don’t be rash.

We do have an option, you could give just cash?

We hope you don’t find this request to be funny,

but we would so appreciate the gift of plain money.

The invites are here, we are to be Mr and Mrs

As you know, we have a home and cupboards full of dishes.

We have all the basics that makes up our pad.

And we hope this request, doesn’t make us look bad?

We will need a bigger home before we progress

from couple to family, yup, thinking children, no less!

So if you would like to give us a gift,

some money would truly give us a lift.

We hope you don’t object to our funny request

The thing that means the most is having you as our guest.

We’ve been living together for some time now.

We have all the basics: linens,towels,

pots, pans and toasters and glasses a few.

So instead of a gift, we have a suggestion for you?

We hope this doesn’t offend and you won’t find it funny

That the thing we’d appreciate most, Is simply the money!

Choosing the right gift can be such a pain

and there’s no chance of two people buying the same!

We do have some old stuff that needs replacing with new

And when we have done that, It’ll be all thanks to you.

We hope you don’t object to our funny request

The most important thing, is having you as our guest.

You’ve now received our Wedding invitation

We hope to receive your acceptance confirmation.

It would mean so much to have you there as our guest/s.

But we do have a strange and funny request.

Knowing wedding gifts are a pain, all that shopping and buying

We have an idea, one you might not mind trying?

If you’re not offended and don’t think we’re greedy?

If you wish to give a gift, (We’re not begging or needy!)

Then cash/money is truly the best gift of all

It would help get us out of this place that’s so small.

Is no news to you that our home we have shared -

and we’ve built it with love and great care.

So most of the usual wedding gifts we have got

(and our flat/pad is not large, it can’t fit a lot!)

Before we progress from more than a pair . .

we need a bigger pad, one with some stairs!

This means that the thing we do need to raise

Is plenty of cash . . . . So we must work hard and save.

If you’re not offended and don’t think we’re greedy,

If you wish to give a gift? (We’re not begging or needy!)

Then cash/money is truly the best gift of all

It would help get us out of this place that’s so small.

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