Wedding Thank You

Send a wedding Thank You to your guests, for them being there.
Maybe place this or attach this to the Brides Favours.

This day for us is special

A time beyond compare.

The joy we feel deep in our hearts

We're so glad your here to share.

Your presence today here with us

means more than words can say.

Please keep this small momento

To remind you of our day.

Thank you for sharing with us our special day

For you love and support along the way.

A new life together now we start,

and you have played a special part.

You helped bring our dreams to life

Watched as we became Man and Wife.

So we give our thanks and wishes too,

and all our love from us to you.

Mere words cannot express enough

all the thanks we wish to say.

For sharing with is all the joy

on our very special day.

A perfect day is one that's spent

with those who really care.

We'll never face the world alone

Because your always there.

On this our very special day

we Thank You for being there

as we made our vows together,

we're glad that you could share.

With sincere appreciation

we both send our thanks to you

for your thoughtful and lovely gift

and for your wishes too.

This is just a little message

but written especially for you

for finding time in your busy life

to give us a moment or two.

We hope that you enjoyed it

and we'd just like to say.

Thank You for your thoughtful gift

and for sharing our lovely day.

We're sending you this little note

Because there's something we must say,


for the lovely gift

and sharing in our day.

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